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19 September 2010 @ 10:09 pm
LA HW ~shortstory~  
guess what guys i found jaejoong's necklace on yesasia.

 May Liu
Period 4

Black Stone Necklace

Waking up at 6 in the morning is tough. In fact, it’s extremely tough. However, Samantha Sun had to do it five days a week. Her alarm clock, chirping out its usual cheerful morning song, wormed its way into her unconscious brain and woke her to the long day.

Then, hunger overrode her sleepiness and she gravitated towards the kitchen. Yawning and rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she greeted her sister, Cynthia, who was drinking her cup of milk while reading her criminology book. Cynthia was so much more studious, had much more probity, and was so much more of a perfect daughter than she could ever be. In fact, this sometimes made Samantha wonder whether while her mother, gravid with her, actually wanted Samantha as a daughter. Cynthia looked up at Samantha, noticing she had been staring at her for a while. Her left eyebrow raised in a suspicious look.

Samantha, to alleviate the gravity of the awkward situation, forced a crooked smile and asked, “How are you?”

Cynthia smiled a similar crooked smile. “I’m good. How was last night?” Samantha had gone to a concert with her friends, and the family knew.

“It was as good as it could get with friends that needed Mom’s approbation.”

“Well, she was just afraid you’d go with reprobates,” laughed Cynthia. Samantha nodded sadly and went to get some cereal and milk.

The rest of the day went past quick enough. It was the same every day: rushed classes with teachers cramming as much useless information into their students’ brains as possible and assigning loads of homework to ensure that they understood said useless information. Samantha floated through the school day with levity and without hanging out with what few friends she had. Every day was like this.

When she got home, she passed her mother, who was using a leavening ingredient on her cooking, in the kitchen. She murmured a, “Hey, Mom, I’m back,” before continuing on to her room.

“Samantha!” her mother screeched. She brushed her hands against one another to clear off the sticky flour. She looked into Samantha’s dark chocolate eyes with such sobriety Samantha began to get fearful. Was this going to be a lecture concerning her grades? A punishment concerning her unclean room? An argument about whether she should take more extracurricular classes and do sports in order to be “a well-rounded individual”?

“Samantha, I had to dress out today for a meeting,” said her mother very seriously, “and while dressing, I noticed my black stone necklace was missing.” Samantha immediately knew which necklace her mother was talking about. It was a necklace comprised of a silver ball-chain and a rectangular black stone encased by a silver frame.

Samantha was shaken out of her thoughts when her mother said, “Samantha, I know you took it. Cynthia even agrees with my guess.”

“Wha-what, I would never take any of your things, Mom.”

“Well, young lady, until you can disprove this charge, I’m going to give you the responsibility of returning my necklace,” Her mother crooked her left eyebrow, and Samantha was reminded of how much Cynthia resembled her.

Samantha fumed for a short while, contemplating how it was unfair how Cynthia was immediately elevated to an innocent status because she was a smarter and better daughter. Did having worse grades and not doing everything that her mother wanted her to do mean she was more likely to steal something? She realized she had to decriminalize herself. Then, a thought popped into her mind.

“Mom! I couldn’t have stolen it. I was out last night, remember? I was at the concert!”

Her mother’s eyes widened. “But…this means that Cynthia must have been the one to take it!” She took slow steps up the stairs to find Cynthia, who was most likely studying or doing homework. After an agonizing confrontation between her mother and Cynthia, which Samantha tried her hardest to ignore, Samantha’s mother trudged down and smiled apologetically to Samantha.

“Well, Sam, I’m glad you managed to recriminate yourself, and I’m sorry for incriminating you in the first place.”

“It’s alright,” Cynthia said bluntly. What intrigued her now was why Cynthia would lie and incriminate her own sister. With hesitation in each step, she climbed the stairs her mother had also reluctantly climbed minutes earlier.

Samantha slowly creaked open the door to her sisters room, spotting her sister on the bed, hugging her pillow, her hair concealing her face. She heard a sniffle.

“Cynth?” Samantha took careful steps into the room. She couldn’t possibly be watching her sister cry, Cynthia never cried. However, despite her feelings of confusion, she had a question burning in her brain.
Taking a deep breath, Samantha asked, “Cynthia, why did you tell Mother I stole her necklace.”

“You-you’re always the one getting attention from Mom, the one she always talks to,” cried Cynthia. Again, Samantha was shocked; this was not the usual behavior her sister exhibited. “I just wanted to see whether, if she liked you a bit less, she would like me more.”

At this, Samantha’s eyes softened. “Cynthia, she loves us both. She loves both of us, would never lose either of us, and would never prefer one over the other. She gave birth to us both, raised us with love; she would never like either of us less than the other. You don’t have to worry about things like this.”

While hearing her sister’s sobs soften, Samantha placed her hand over her sister’s soft hair, petting it. She kissed it, knowing the situation was mended.
We’re equally loved, equally treasured, you and I.

lol should i even try writing a fic in the future, i hate my writing.
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