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20 November 2010 @ 01:10 am
JYJ LA Showcase: Things to Remember  
 These are just some things I want to remember /forever/. I'm making a list instead of a fanaccount because I'm just too damn lazy to do anything long. Also, i get off topic rly quickly.


ok well

the visuals:

☆ junsu's hair is actually now a really nice peachy red colour!! it’s so pretty and manga-y and it looks so soft .w. I wanted to pet it. Here have visual aid:

☆ jaejoong’s hair is a naisu honey/wheat blonde colour. it’s so cute, it flopped around the entire time he was dancing.

☆ yoochun’s hair was jet black & cropped a bit shorter than kpop stars usually have it. It framed his face /perfectly/, he looked so so so good!! His smiles were perfect, as were his smiling eyes and his qt cheeks d’aww

☆ jaejoong’s arms are huge. he had on a sleeveless outfit so I was staring at them/him the entire time and I was pretty shocked to see he was that built irl lol. But he looks so gooood like that noms. How do they even fit into his tight shirts tho lol.

☆ yoochun went sleeveless too. His arms are actually somewhat defined, all those pictures that make him look stick thin? They lie!

☆ su had sleeves. ):<

the singing:

JAEJOONG REALLY DOES HAVE THE VOICE OF AN ANGEL. it is the most perfect, beautiful thing on earth to me. I could listen to it for every day and every night of my life and not get tired of it. I feel so blessed to have heard it irl omg.

☆ jaejoong’s voice cracked a lot ): what could we expect though? 2 hours before the showcase started, he tweeted that he lost his voice the last 32 hours and it just came back. He did quite a good job if that’s true♥

☆ junsu’s voice is perfection. Not just his voice, but the way he applies it. The dynamics, the emphasis, the vibrato, the notes, everything was just absolutely perfect.

☆ lol yoochun messed up a bit and was sometimes too loud when he came in with his part but we didn’t’ really notice since he’s /so damn charismatic onstage/ oppar ):

☆ chajatta was beautiful. ): sobs. Whoever wasn’t singing would be waving his arms left & right, and all the fans would follow along haha.

the dancing:

JAEJOONG DOESN’T FAIL /THAT/ MUCH AT DANCING. he doesn’t!! I thought he sucked really badly because of all the fancams and stuff but irl he manages to match the level of the other members, including junsu. So maybe he’s not the most adept at dancing, but he manages to do it!

☆ junsu knows how to control that body of his mm he’s so ~smoooth~. oh and he shook his ass once, that moment was gold. And he did lots of thrusts teeeheeee.

☆ one of their female backup dancers, a dark skinned curvy woman, grinded with all three members omg especially chun. She just went up behind em and did her thing I was screaming ‘OMMMG GET ITTT YOU GO GIRL.’ Everyone stared but owell ^_____^

the q&a:

☆ “why did you do micky Christmas?” “umm well… next week is…thanksgiving..” THANKS FOR MAKING SENSE CHUN. ♥

☆ “hi im juns. *looks away and slurs* oh my god sun.” *SCREAMS*

☆ the explanations for their tweeder usernames: jaejoong, mjjeje: micky junsu je je. junsu, 0101xiahtic: his birthday and a solo song he composed. yoochun, 6002themicky: 6002 in Korean sounds like “Yoochunnie” + the micky.

☆ shane brought out egg oppar lulz. ty mysterious egg oppar for your photos and updates~

random things I wanna remember:

☆ as I was walking up the stairs, I noticed shane yoon walking next to me so I turned over and said “HI!” in a really creepy way (I’m like that okay ;_____;) then he looked over and was like ‘heyy.’ In a non creepy way.

☆ jaejoong was so damn energetic during Be My Girl it was totally qt. he was grooving along to it & trying to be smooth like jun-chan but ultimately failed at the dancing (': it was cute how energetic it was & how he looked like he was having so much fun tho! love him so much sobs. even though jyj were trying to be all srs bsns he was just qt and fun. junsu also grooved along a bit and he was just wonderful too but in a more.....impressive way .w.

☆ jaejoong’s tongue habit irl. jfc.

☆ yoochun told us to keep the faith. ofc, chunface♥

☆ jaejoong’s arms 8Q____ jaejoong in particular is perfection tho.

☆ yoochun looked so. so. so. good.
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