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06 December 2010 @ 11:57 pm
GIF Tutorial ~  
[note: if you want to see the images bigger, open them in new tab. my layout resizes my pics ;w;]

The way I do it, I use the following programs:

-something to save videos off youtube with, like keepvid.com or free studio manager 
-KM Player
-Photoshop CS5

There are alternatives for this. Quicktime does the same thing KM Player does (so mac users should head over to http://goyangi.livejournal.com/ I'm sure she has a tutorial there), and JASC Animation Shop does the same thing Photoshop does. These are just the programs i use.

To get the frames:

Open the video you want a GIF from on KM Player. I'll use....AADBSK2 “O” Jung.Ban.Hap Repackaged Version C Jacket Sketch~ keke

Pause the video first lol, and right click. Making sure "Advanced Menu" under Options has a checkmark next to it, go to Capture -> Frame: Quick Extraction.

A window should pop up, press "Stop" if it seems to be doing something. Be sure the options Numbers to extract: Continuously is selected. For Frames to Extract, I like to have every 3rd frame because I get a bit impatient with the culling when it's on Every Frame, but it's your choice.

On your video, go the the moment where you want to GIF, press "Start" on the Frame Extraction window and then play your video. Press “Stop” when the moment's over.
You have your captures! ^___^ you can close KM Player if you want to now.

To animate~

-Open Photoshop. Go to File → Scripts → Load Files Into Stack.

In the little window that pops up, press "Browse" and go to your captures. By default they should be in Documents → The KM Player → Capture. Click on one of them then Ctrl+A to select all of them, then press Ok.

They should take a moment to load into layers. Now, you have to have your Animation window open before you go on! If you don't, go to Windows → Animation. On said Animation window on the bottom, there will be a button the top right of the little window. Click on it then click on “Make Frames From Layers”.

beware: the frames might be backwards. Play it a couple times to see if it's backwards. If it is, go to the button the top right again and click “reverse frames” yeah? Ok so that was basically for the GIF, you could just save now.... but!

Very few of us just save the GIF as is! We usually fix it up a bit. For my GIF, I'm going to crop it first since it's unnecessarily large. Just use the crop tool and crop the soon-to-be GIF the way you would a normal image. You can also change the size of the GIF in Image → Image Size... like usual. I've made the width of mine 350.

Once you've got that done, you might notice that the GIF has too many frames. You can select frames to delete (I usually select every 3 frames) and go to the button on the top right → Delete Frames. This will decrease the size of your GIF.

When you play the GIF you also might notice it goes too fast. Don't worry, just click on the first frame then the topright button → Select All Frames to, well, select all frames. Then there's that little bit under each frame where it says “0 sec”. You don't want it on 0 sec, that's too fast. Something like 0.1 sec or 0.2 sec might work better (: I'm going to set mine as 0.12 sec because I'm picky and I like that number. You can set whatever number you like under “Other...”

It should be running smoothly now!

If you want to make adjustments like watermarks or change the saturation (to decrease the size of the GIF in order to make it acceptable to most on Tumblr) you must have all the frames selected. To do this, click on the first frame, then on the little button on the top right, then Select All Frames. Make sure you do this!! After doing so, you can edit it as you would a normal image (using the type tool to watermark, changing the saturation or lighting, editing the colours).

I think that's all?

No wait, lol, saving.

Go to File → Save for Web & Devices. You will see this window.

On the top left of the bar right underneath your image, it'll say GIF / ###.#K/ ### sec @ something. That's where you can see how large your GIF is going to be.

Now, for GIFs to move on Tumblr, they must be under 498K. Don't stress if your image isn't, just go to “Colors” on the top right and change the number of colors until it is under 500K. (If you don't plan on uploading to Tumblr, just save with the quality you want ~

Hit save, you're done! (:

My result~

you will produce a similar result, albeit not as godly because this is a gif of shim changmin and nothing is godlier than this. loljk

and dw dw it might look complicated now but 2 or 3 gifs later it's a breeze ^____^
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Haneul<3 :]taeminho_onkey on December 7th, 2010 10:21 pm (UTC)
lol ty May<3