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04 July 2012 @ 02:58 am
a pot for jet  
aneong jett

ok so when u get 2 ur livejournal homepage there's a rly obvs Post option right under ur username

and u get to the Post an Entry page and then u decide where u want 2 post it to
just like

like that's the list of community you've Joined. (note: joined, not communities ur watching. u must join to be able 2 post)

select dashidorawa from the list

and then u head over 2 dashidorawa (i assume ur posting ifnt fic) 

oepn this in a separate tab

those are their rules ! u must follow them. if u mess up on sth dont worry their mods will leave u a comment and u can fix it. ok so like

copypasta this on2 ur post

Title: Your title goes here
Rating: The rating of your fic goes here.
Pairing/Focus: For pairings, it's better to spell out the names of the people involved than just stating the pairing name. Some people aren't familiar with the pairing names, that's why. If your fic does not involve a pairing and, instead, is just focused on a member, the you can put 'Member's name-centric'.
Summary: Give us an idea of what your fic is about.

nd obvs like change that 2 fit ur fic
u should know about ratings n everything
so like after u give that summary

just insert a link to ur livejournal entry that has ur fic 
like dis
<b><a href="jettiesficlinkonherlj">"Cheesy exerpt from the fic..."</a></b>

and follow this dashidorawa's posting format (i suggest using the Select Tags option next to the tags box)

and just post