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when a tear dries; a smile lights up.

we'll gently overlap our destinies

intro | may liu. i've traveled around a bit. i was born in china, came to america. i remember i used to listen to alt music. i don't regret those days, but the music was boring. there was no inspiration, like i think it should have. so one day, by chance, i was flipping through channels and saw 'super junior' on the screen. they looked interesting, so i searched 'em up. i delved head-first into the fandom. while searching up stuff about heenim, i heard of 'kim jae joong'.
red ocean | i google imaged 'kim jaejoong'. the first image was him looking ethereal with his "o" jung ban hap platblonde hair. the rest is history. now, i'm a stubborn cassie. i know they're gone, but i'll keep preserving their memory. shinee is another love of mine, another fandom, but i'm more of a cassie than a shawol. these days, i stan dbsk (ofc), sing to myself, draw, sleep 4 hours every night, get bothered by mama, and smile. i like my life. ♡ | when a tear dries, a smile lights up;
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